Journal of Bulb, Root & Tuber Crops (JBRTC)

Journal of Bulb, Root & Tuber Crops (JBRTC) is a peer-reviewed open-access international journal that publishes original research, reviews and short reports on the most recent developments in innovative research on the essential and common bulb, root and tuber crops as well as creeping rootstalk, horizontal underground plant stem. In addition, JBRTC also focuses on biotechnology and new breeding techniques, crop production and engineering, pathology, pest control, postharvest and management as well as economic importance in the global agricultural industry and market. The journal operates a double-blind peer-review policy. Every article will be freely and indefinitely accessible online. Articles are published as soon as possible after acceptance and in 3 issues of a volume per year.


Professor Dr. Marcello Iriti

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